Developed and led by Jackie Bagnall a Social Psychologist based in Devon, England.

“Unless people believe they can produce desired effects  and forestall undesired ones by their actions, they have

little incentive to act or to persevere in the face of  difficulties”

(Albert Bandura, 2009)



Having coached, counselled and taught people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds,  Jackie has designed and is committed to using this unique process to support women and young people to find an enhanced sense of Self. Supporting and developing in participants the belief that they can bring about change in their lives. .

Community, health based or charity organisations who feel that their clients and support workers would benefit from this novel arts-based approach are invited to make contact to discuss participation.

"My goal is to move beyond hope in order to connect clients to belief  -  trusting that they have the resources necessary to bring about their best possible future."


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Mindful Art Based Therapy - (c) Jackie Bagnall