Dipperdoo launches a series of workshops in partnership with EDP drug and alcohol services. Working with service users and counsellors in a creative and playful space.

"Its very therapeutic, time to be around people to chat and talk. They should have this on prescription." Service user

"It is so good to be able to speak to service users on a different level. Speaking to each other as human beings, coming from the same place."  Counsellor

Dipperdoo works with weight management service, creating a space in which new stronger identities emerge.  Through a mindful engagement with inner strength, clients develop an enhanced Self concept discovering the qualities and inner resources available to them. Clients and counsellors are able to connect to a stronger more empowered identity.

Dipperdoo working in schools, building the pastoral skills to manage change, using strength as a focus for growth. Engaging teachers in the whole SOAR process, taking them through the four stages of creating an empowered identity.  Supporting teachers to work with young people in schools exploring Self, Identity and self efficacy in order to develop a resilient and empowered mindset. 


As we SOAR so we seek to take others with us creating positive impact

We are located at:

Based in Exeter, Devon - UK

We are mobile and deliver workshops at a variety of venues.


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