This unique mindful art-based process is underpinned by four main psychological approaches:

Solutions Focussed

Strengths Based

Imagery and Visualisation

Enhanced Self-Concept


We begin with an exploration of strength and how through discovering more aspects of the Self we have the resources needed to move towards the future we want to bring about. Establishing early on in the process the belief that change is possible and that through a solutions focussed lens we have the agency to make it happen.


Using art and creativity we hold the space in which participants play, explore and discover more about what really matters to them. Absorbed by the creative process so they are able to connect to a deeper and more authentic intention, one in which they are able to bring about positive change.

Moving from imagery towards ownership, participants are able to connect with the identity needed to bring about their best possible future. The use of art and a mindful connection to personal strength offers a practice which better connects the participant to this stronger identity.


The process is client-centred and has four distinct stages. Exploration and reflection; Strength and visualisation; Creativity and art and finally Imagery and ownership.


We have found that when client groups and keyworkers come together in the workshops, each exploring for themselves what it means to locate their inner strength  the nature of conversations is supportive, human-centred and without hierachy or labels. In a community of explorers all participants have the opportunity to see strength and vulnerability.

"Acknowledging our strength allows us to be strong, from strength we grow."


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Mindful Art Based Therapy - (c) Jackie Bagnall