Working with people to find their WINGS - tapping in to inner strength

Mindful Arts

How does creative engagement work?

Through creativity and play we access the parts of our conscious that allows possibility, our inner hopes and dreams.


Through reflection we bring about a better understanding of what we want and how we might get there.


By tapping in to our inner resources so we discover the strength that is available to us to create lasting change.


Welcome to an innovative personal development process aimed at moving clients towards a future in which they feel better able to take control of their lives. Through the power of imagery and metaphor we support clients to identify and visualise their inner resources, illuminating the personal strengths necessary to move forward. 

Our workshops are inclusive and client-centred, the facilitation is based around the identification of best possible future and draws upon a strengths approach.

Working with up to six people in small learning groups we use a mindful arts-based approach to help create shift - using visualisation to connect to new self-determined possibilities. 



Moving beyond Hope to Belief - a deep trust that we have the Strength to bring about lasting change.

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Mindful Art Based Therapy - (c) Jackie Bagnall